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      He sat up, with sudden interest.

      It is a shame to trouble you with business, Trafford, directly you arrive; but I sometimes think that Helby is scarcelyscarcely as energetic as he used to be. Ive an ideait may be erroneousthat the stables, for instance, are not as well kept up as they should be. As you know, we have always made a point ofof filling the stalls. You are fond of horses, I know, Trafford, and I should be deeply grieved if you were to find it necessary to complain of a scarcity, or the quality, of the horses. Will you please go over the stables to-morrow, and look into the matter?Colonel Disney was full of thoughtfulness for his wife in all their going to and fro; and before their day's rambles were half done he would drive her to any quiet spot where she might choose to spend a restful hour in the afternoon sunshinein this or that convent garden, in some shaded corner on the Aventine, or among the wild flowers that flourish and grow rank amidst the ruins of palace and temple on the Palatine. Her favourite resort was still the English cemetery, and she always begged to be set down within reach of that familiar gate, where the custodian knew her as well as if she had been some restless spirit whose body lay under one of those marble urns, and whose ghost passed in and out of the gate every day.

      "I came twice before, ma'am; but you were fast asleep, so I took the lamp back to the pantry."He put his arm round her, and they started. Trafford danced as he did most things, perfectly; and he had no difficulty in accommodating his step to her, now and again, uncertain one.

      "You are so impatient," she said, plucking a handful of roses, and scattering the petals at her feet. "A year is so short a time."

      The two women kissed each other once more before Allegra stepped into the carriage, Isola too weak for speech, and able only to clasp the hands that had waited on her in so many a weary hour; the clever hands, the gentle hands, to which womanly instinct and womanly love had given all the skilfulness of a trained nurse."Not very soon; not for six months, or perhaps longer. It was that which made me walk so far."

      His face grew dark.

      And all lords are very rich, arent they? Theyre obliged to be, I suppose?


      "Oh, one always sighs for the past! How can one help feeling sorry that it should be goneso much of our lives and of ourselves gone for ever?"


      [Pg 123]I have often dreamed of this kind of house, he said.


      "This is not home!" she cried piteously.Tabitha ushered him into the little parlour; so neat, so cool and dainty a bower, albeit the whole of its contents would scarcely have realized ten pounds at an auction. She offered him her most luxurious easy-chaira large Madeira chair, with pale chintz cushions and artistic draping; and then, when he had seated himself, she stood before him like a prisoner at the bar, and with unmistakable guilt disturbing the broad placidity of her countenance.